People often don´t know define the answer. But to summarize my feelings when getting a massage, there are several different elements:
– Room – we perceive the whole room, the device, the furniture, the heating, the lighting, the sounds to make a particular first impression.
– The readiness of the giver – we feel if giver is in one round and remains on the surface, or if he / she entered to his or her middle, calm and leaved daily worries.
– Intention – we feel if the giver comes with his/her own intention to us. Mostly we feel this touch as a pressure and we can´t relax. If a touch is sold “without” a personal intention of giver (although this intention is positive), the reciever may surrender and relax.
– Present touch – we feel when the giver thoughts during a massage about something or when he / she is not present with a momentary happening. When the giver is guided by intuition, or just repeats the procedure.
– Intuition – we feel when a person touches the place where we just needed it. If listen and communicate with the body.
– Universal love – we feel if the giver massage us with disdain, or with resentment, with prejudices or assumpions. But we feel, when the person puts the hands on our body with an open heart without judgment, with respect. Then the massage dissolves us and we go into our inner peace and harmony.
We feel… consciously or unconsciously…. we feel.
I do not know if I touched everything. This came to me at that moment. How do you feel it?