“Present touch is the focus, where attention is, there the energy flows,
where the energy flows, there is a LIFE.“

Touching in the presence allows us to open ourselves to the perception of our body more deeply, to ours center. If we want, present touch can open our locked hearts, now, at this time and space. It can open specific feelings, which want to be manifested and speak through body, without words.
If you let your feelings to express, your protective hoops are gradually being stripped. They are bursting and falling away. And you can breathe in, breathe new energy with your arms outstretched. You feel the power and you want taking off as a bird. It is coming a perception of your deep inside you, of the authentic pure self, without the pretense. And you can feel your true smell, see your true beauty, touch the source of your true power, … without assessment.
Then in your body is flowing the life.