What do loving massages mean to me?

Every masseur, like every cook, painter, teacher … has his own style of work. I decided to do my massage with love, with an open heart, with respect to the receiver.
With the utmost understanding and respect for his unique whole, I can prove at the moment. Before each massage I prepare space and myself so, that a person who comes to me has a feeling of calm, loving, freedom and safety. I see the massage as a meditation when I use the loving present touch without my intention. There may be more relaxation and a beautiful feeling during and after the massage.
In a secure loving acceptance, a massaged person can allow released not only the physical body but also to allow released the mental and emotional body from under critical control.

And if he wants to, he can gradually break up the shackles of beliefs, which press on and plague his wounded soul with overcrowded sadness or anger. And he can afford to breathe in and feel who er really is, to look at his center, to return to his own nature. And it is up to each person how deeply he wants to see and what he wants to survive at any given moment.

Every massage or therapy is a great but beautiful challenge for me and a very interesting way of getting to know myself. I often come to new moments, by which I change my existing beliefs for new and clearer thinking with deeper essence. I recognize my own wisdom, beauty of my deficiencies, where is still something to change, shape, create.

… At the same time I am pleased to see the process of growth and development on the people, who visit me. And energy can flow and the human being comes to the Life.