We have a constant need to protect ourselves from harming us, from hurting us. Is that necessary?
When we plant GMO sweet corn, it doesn´t have any pests, but it avoids even the beneficial insects comming. It has no illness, but no bee flies there. Corn is great, it´s protected, but it doesn´t know the signs of joy and teaching of life. It’s safe, but it’s isolated.
We also make this artificial protection ourselves. We feel to be stronger, but inside we are unhappy. We feel safe, but we are alone. Are we in our power, when we have a big wall around of us? Or it’s a fear to face life.
If we want to know the beauty of life, it´s always comes with living in uncomfortable zone, with living in danger, living in edge… And then it´s coming beautiful, unbeliveable experiences of live.  🙂
It´s is up to our choose. Be protected or be alive.